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I loved this! Very nice writing!
Well handled (wiping a touch of moisture from my own eyes). Blessings
I really enjoyed your story. The only thing I would suggest is changing the woding about being 60 years ago. Maybe try: "Three months later, with Maria..." and then start next paragraph with: "Now, sixty years later, it was her turn." Otherwise, very well written.
Very sweet story--you can't go wrong with long-lasting love! Try to avoid over-used phrases. Michael and Maria will have a wonderful reunion!
You used the topic and you wrapped it up in a neat little bundle with love and care.
Predictable - but who ever said that was a bad thing?
This is really good! I agree that the transition was a little abrupt. I really liked your first scene though, very well written. The tears were pricking my eyes at the end - great job!

God Bless, Karen
a couple of things: he left the larger portion behind with his wife, he took the smaller portion...does that refer to the 2 children they had? the end was a little too obtuse/vague for me. I take it she was dying? Maybe she was hallucinating? Suffering from Alzeimer's? Just wasn't clear enough for me. But in general, the story does a great job of pulling on the heart strings!
A little romance always brightens my day and touches my heart, and this did both. Lovely. Congratualations.
Congratulations on placing in the winner's circle. Well written and lovely. God Bless.
Larry, you are definitely going from strength to strength. This was quite lovely and had me reaching for the tissues. Yes, it was a bit predictable, but who cares? It was a heart warmer.

Now there's also something else you should know. You not only came 3rd in the Level 1 awards (what a week of competition that was!) but you also nearly made it into the Editors' Choice. You missed by a hair, placing 9th overall (that's across all three levels). Well done Larry, and with that, I really think it's time for you to move up to Level 2. Looking forward to reading more of your work. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)