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Great heart warming story. You left me with a joyful smile, both on my face and within my heart. Also, got the goosebumps!

Great use of the topic and Kudos for stepping out in unknown territory to help this boy who may have still been lost, if you had not opened your heart. (Well...if this is a true story and is about you) :)
Having worked with "bad boys" for most of my adult life, I found this full of hope.

I'm not sure if you left off the quotation marks from your dialog as a style choice or not--I found it mildly distracting. Note: "a little" is two words.

Thanks for this inspiring story.
This is a great story . How great to have faith in this young man while all around him were doubters.
Touching and well-written, especially for a beginner and someone new to Faithwriters. I also like your clever title.

I love the end where Jack comes to Christ and makes the main character want to reach out to the Savior as well.

This was an encouraging story to read. I expect that you'll be moving up to Intermediate soon. ;)
I really enjoyed your entry. You have a powerful style that leaves the message unmistakable. I do agree with Jan's view about the lack of quotations. The way you did this entry doesn't take away from the power of your writing... quotations just makes it easier for slow minded readers like me.
Very nice story. Watch out-your creativity is showing!
Beautiful story... a testament to how a life can be changed. This shines!
Nicely written story and heartwarming. You have a nice style.
Good descriptive style. Welcome - and soon goodbye - to beginners. God bless you as your writing ministry grows.
Susan, congrats on placing 7th in Level 1! That's an accomplishment :-)

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