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Short, direct and an awesome message!

I'd encourage you to use more of your alloted words, perhaps with more anecdotes (like the man in the choir). Your writing skills are very evident.
Yes! I do have those WOW moments! Great illustration and application of the verse (which is one of my favorites for studying and meditating on.)
Yep. I've had some "wow" moments in church too!

Try to show instead of tell. What was the "wow" factor of that sermon? You told us there was one, but what was it?

You've got a great start here. Work on expanding this with some more examples and perhaps a bit of a story and this would make an awesome devotional! Good job!
The Hebrews verse is one of my favorites. This is a great reminder of His power (sometimes we forget what we have available to us). Nice work on this devotion.
Very nice devotional article. Im sure that we all have experienced Wow moments in church, so you made it easy to relate to you. Keep on writing!
You put into words so nicely hwo the Spirit touches us when we go to His Word.
Thanks for this reminder of the awesome power of God's Word!