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Great job. You took a well known happening and made it more than interesting to one who knows the outcome. Again, I say that was a great job of writing, and even small children would get the impact of the story
Nice imaginative angle on one of my favorite truths. The two unnamed spys just reek of humilty. Nice job
Super job without tainting any truth. I would like to see more.
Oh, this is great!

I would have ended this one line sooner. Rehab's last thought is enough of a summary.

I think you captured Rehab's thoughts perfectly. Great job!
Very good job of retelling a bible Story. You made it seem fresh and interesting. The suspense was great.
You did a good job of adhering to the Biblical story while making it come to life to your readers. I like how Rahab's dialogue were direct quotes from the Bible. The ending was powerful. I've been a Christian for almost 40 years and it's given me a new perspective on the scarlet cord. Well done.
Rahab is such an intersting Biblical character. You've brought this Bible story to life. I like your comparison at the end with the scarlet cord. Nice work!
Great job. I have always been struck by the fact that Rahab was in Jesus' line of descent. Rahab, a prostitute. The awesome forgiveness of God!
LOVE IT! You have a great gift for bringing Bible stories to life! I could just feel the desperation of Rahab and the spies as she helped them hide from the soldiers. Suspenseful! I also love your descriptions. Like the chieftain who's "arrogance followed him out the door." Very well-written!
Yay, Kristi! Highly Commended!!! Right after getting 1st place last week! Can't beat that. :)