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Cute story!
This was great fun. You caught the reader up in the "madness" I could feel him rushing around - loved the "do you hear yourself?" You'll be leaving beginners SOON!
LOVE this!!! Love the play on words--I found myself saying--"OOH--I get it!" Really nice!
Well written with a great ending. Good job. I enjoyed this.
This was a great read! I loved the twist at the end. Well done!
Great play on words, and the twist at the end is priceless! Keep writing, this is very well done!
Excellent twist--I never saw it coming.

Be careful to stay in one tense. You switched from past to present and back a few times. For this type of story, past tense would work best.

Your ending--not just the twist, but the whole thing--was priceless.
Hey Dana, congrats on placing 13th in the Level 1 with this entry! There are so many talented writers here, so great job! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Highest Rankings on the boards: