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This is great! Your use of Ohhh is perfect and your take on Numbers described exactly how I have felt reading it, until now. You shed a very welcome new insight on what I once considred to be v e r y boring. Kudos!
A real winner - you wrote very well about a potentially dull subject, and I experienced an "ohhhhh" reading it! (about tombstones.) You were brave with this subject. Clever!
(P.S. Check out Jan's classes for Beginners, Intermediates, etc. - they're so helpful..)
This is absolutely outstanding! So much truth, and admonition to look for the "Ohhh, So That's Why! in the Scriptures. There is an answer for everything if we seek. Well done!
Very well done! I too have often wondered about those long lists, not only in Numbers, but in other places in God's word. I know there is a reason the lists are there, but this was definitely an eye-opening piece for me. Great take on "Ohhh."
You did a great job of backing up your comments with God's Word. Isn't it wonderful how we can read the Bible so many times and may get nothing from a passage, then something almost shouts at us the next time we read it? I guess that's why we call it the Living Word. You did a fantastic job of helping us to feel what you felt. Keep writing!
I loved this. I really enjoy when there are new discoveries in the scriptures that escape the everyday reading. WONDERFUL!! I can see you moving up with this!
I liked this very much. I love getting those moments and you described perfectly how they make me feel. I also enjoyed your insight into that scripture. Thank you.
Fascinating insights--thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Be very careful of using exclamation points in narrative. They should be used very, very rarely, if at all, outside of dialog.

I enjoyed this--it felt like just a good firend, talking with me.
Thank you for this--for its completeness and ease of reading. To make it even more "of God," it's very timely because of a conversation I just had with a loved one who is doubting God's Word. It certainly hit the spot with me!
Hey Pete, congrats on placing 11th in the Level 1 with this entry! There are so many talented writers here, so great job! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Highest Rankings on the boards: