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I liked your touching article. It reminded me of how often we take people for granted. I hope she receives your postcard someday soon and not a moment is lost.
Katrina did a lot of damage but it could not destroy Charles' love for Jenna or lessen it with fear. This is a beautiful expression of love.
Beautifully written and touching.
Very lyrical writing style; I really appreciated his words. He'd have had to write very tiny, indeed, for this to fit on a postcard. But you aptly portrayed his love for Jenna.
Very beautiful. Reminds me of victorian romance.

That would fit. Look - now, I'm weeping. Black? She's wearing black? Come back Charles - come back! :o)

Seriously, very nicely done and short enough to fit - wish I'd remembered that seocnd rule. -- Ben
Very Victorian! Good work. Could be the start of something more?
Short and sweet! Really lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Having a dear sister in the Lord lose her husband in that storm.. this hit home.. God bless all the loved ones left behind.
Leaves me to wonder how Charles is ever going to post this one! :) (wait - too soon?) Very good. Very topical. As it's been put before - Short and Sweet. Love to see your next one!
A great entry!