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"Oops", I meant to say, use double spacing between paragraphs. :)
Wow, I am getting a lesson on how leaving a coment works! I am assuming that if I make more then one comment, the second "replaces" the first.

Anyway, let's try this again. You are so right about walking in faith. It can be so very challenging for all of us when we begin to add "our" reasoning to His leading. You expressed what I believe, we all encounter at one time or another.

Remember to double space your paragraphs, as it makes it alot easier to read. :)
Enjoyed reading your story. The message was good, and very clear. Good job.
I really like the idea of talking aloud to God.

Parts of your story left me saying 'huh?', though. Where were they, that she, a stranger, could take an unattended child for ice cream? Those sorts of details perplexed me. And I'm not sure that I understand your title.

Your story is strongly on topic and well-paced. You have tremendous potential.
I get the sense that Alicia was planning on hurting herself that day. The child came to save her. If this is where you were going, it would make a powerful story. It has great potential, but I think the word length limited you. I hope you rewrite this story and fill it out some more. I think it is very beautiful.
God has a way of drawing us up short, and then we listen.