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I can so relate to your fruuuuustration :)
It was a clever story. I'm sure more than one wife would like to use a blowtorch to set a fire under her husband!
This was a good take on the subject. Good characterizations, too. I liked the wife's spunk!
Great dialog writing and pacing.

It's probably just me, but I wasn't comfortable with her methods. It's definitely funny, though!

You're a talented writer, to be sure.
Funny! You did a very good job with this piece (although in my family, we never use that particular word ;-) Looking forward to more of your writing!
Good for her, finally getting Matt's attention. What a shame it took the threat of a blow-torch to his beloved car for him to notice her. Glad she didn't really start the fire. Great dialogue. Nice job with this!
What a great story! I loved seeing what was around every corner! Your ending was perfect! :)
Great title. How many other wives try this during football season and Nascar races? Cute story.
Good story. Very cleverly done.
Creative article!
My favorite line was about shoving the remote up his nose. I really got a visual on that one.
Congrats on your placing Kristi!