The Official Writing Challenge
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I have never been a fan of poetry except in rare occasions and this is one - GREAT take on the subject, flowed well - EXCELLENT entry!!!! (Sure you're a beginner?)
So many lost opportunities; we've all accumulated them. Nicely written and good rhythm. The one "huh" speaks volumes. Blessings.
A great reminder for us as Christians not to pass up the opportunities that God sends us everyday. A very well-written poem with outstanding meaning and a great challenge!
How true and so nicely written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in such a beautiful way.
Indeed, a challenge! May God see all my work of demonstration of faith and obedience to Him count much for His glory, in Christ Jesus.
Thank you for well-written poem.
Blessings to you.
Beautiful poem. You said it all. I have tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your insight.
Well-done in both rhyme and meter.

You don't need quotation marks at the beginning and end of every line; it got to be a bit bulky. They're only needed at the beginning and ending of each speech. For example:

I looked ahead and then looked up.
He said, “Now don’t you interrupt.
This pile is high and double wide;
I’d like to put them by your side.”

Wonderful lesson for us all to learn!
I enjoyed this sermon in verse. Good meter and rhyme as well.
I really enjoyed this poem, well done. It flowed in rhthym and spoke to the reader. Nice job. :0))
The title was so appropriate.
None of us want to miss it! Well done.