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This was a cute story and gave this reader pause to think about any bitterness or resentment in my own heart. There are a few things you should remember, if I may: When characters speak, you need to give them each their own space to talk; in other words, if Grandma is talking, let her speak, but do not have Elizabeth answer her in the same paragraph. Speaking of paragraphs, be sure to double space the paragraphs; it makes reading the story much easier. And lastly, whenever you are using quotes, be sure to put the second quote marks after the punctuation. Good story.
That was very good, really gave me a depth of understanding of the characters in such a short space.
I also confess to loving the word ruminate, and anything with Zombies in it can't be bad!!!
Something to that saying about taking time to smell the roses...or gaze at strange bugs:)...all of creation speaks of His truth and His glory...I loved how you used this story to demonstrate that and I believe draw the reader into self examination. Thanks!
I enjoyed your story. Good message.
Great story Deanna, for bringing out how God can 'bug' us with unexpected answers to prayer.
Though you let an apostrophe trespass on a plural, and you needed more paragraphs, your story was full of life and light. Thanks also for mentioning 60s rock band "The Zombies," for I've just enjoyed a YouTube clip of "She's Not There," the only song I remember them for.