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I do love summer! I enjoyed your story as you describe the pros and cons of summer. Your story would have been easier to read had you broken it down in paragraphs. Something to think about next time. Thanks for sharing.
good peice some good ideas. i agree on the spacing but content good . I got a bit irritated with the repetition of the word "convicting" partly because I kept thinking of convicts !! Sometimes reptition is good but I think I counted 5 times which might be a little excessive! Well done and keep writng.
Some good thoughts on your summer entry. I especially liked your title. Ditto on the previous suggestions. You also might want to use spellcheck for some mispellings. Keep up the writing and the good work(especially while you have more time during summer) :o)
I loved the title, and there were some nice ideas here, although possibly a sticky 'e' key? Proof before publish.
I felt the lists would have had more effect if they'd been shorter and more punchy (personal feeling).
Lastly, let all you love about summer inspire you rather than send you on a guilt trip. You'll do all those things you feel guily about with more passion and effectiveness if you act out of love and appreciation rather than a sense of unfulfilles duty.