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You built good suspense to a breath taking cliff hanger... we need chapter two.
Wow, what a way to leave your story hanging! Some times that's better than trying to tie everything up neatly.
Although I applaud the distribution of the word of God, I couldn't help feeling that Michael was being extremely unwise. For one thing as far as the authorities would know, he could equally be smuggling drugs or arms, hence the extreme reaction.
Anyhow, thanks for entering the Challenge. And just as others have sought to bless you with their comments, why don't leave some feedback for some of your fellow writers in Beginners so that they can benefit from your insights?
Good story. Suspenseful.
A suspenseful story. It leaves me to create the outcome. Hmmm...I wonder... Thank you for the adventure.
Great way to build suspense. I was hooked. I liked the way you left the story because it leaves the reader wanting more.
Enjoyed your story. I wanted to read more - learn what happened to them. Thanks for sharing.
Hi Aaron. Just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know your entry, "A Change in Plans," actually did very well in the Asia Challenge. Although you didn't receive an award, you made it into the Highest Rankings for Level 1, placing 12th in that Level. Competition in Level 1 is always very intense, so well done.

If you'd like to check the highest rankings for yourself, you can find them here:

The highest rankings are posted every Thursday evening on the Message Boards.

You definitely deserve a pat on the back. Well done. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)