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Entertaining! I laughed all the way to Quebec and back. My grandma doesn't live in Canada, so I didn't get any soup or HC.
Such a great job on all the research...I had no idea!
A very entertaining story! You created a likeable and lively MC. Her comment about the rabbit trails made me smile. I do the same thing. :)

You could use a little bit of work on your comma use. A good rule of thumb while you're sorting out all of the rules is to read your entry out loud - if you pause naturally, there's a good chance a comma goes there. If you don't naturally pause, you probably don't need a comma.

I like the "split-story" format - the study scene in the first half, and then the actual report in the second. Nice job on this topic!
Fun piece! You sound like an authentic American teenager. :)

Watch out for improper verb tenses and overuse of passive verbs. Check the boards - I have a post under writing tips that will instruct you how to eliminate those passive verbs. It strengthens your writing to use a variety of verbs and sentence structure other than was/were.

Nice job. I learned quite a bit about Canada!
Nice. Very creative