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I loved the comparison and sharing it with the friend. Very nicely written and something we can all relate too. God bless ya, littlelight
The conversation and dialogue was very good. I am glad that Glenda opened up the conversation.
A very sweet story. May God bless you always.
This type of conversation is very difficult and you did a great job with it. I liked the way you did the comparisons.

Shari Brian
Nicely done. Heart healing is a difficult topic! Favorite line: "My point is that when our hearts get broken we sometimes put them in a box to protect them. It can take a lot of courage and time to let people get close and trust them again."
This is probably one of my favorites I've read this week :)
Great example of using a moment/reaction to break thru & teach a basic lesson to a 16 year old. Is that really possible? YEP! But we gotta see the opportunity. Great job.