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It seems to be something to think about, while writing about (LOL) Enjoyed reading your article.
God bless ya, littlelight
Hmmm, almost a mini protest about camping - lol. Enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing.
A very interesting perspective :) Nicely written
Good article! Thanks for sharing!
You still have plenty of room for words to flesh out the dislikes of camping. It seemed a little sparse up on top but once you made the fear connection, need for Christ connection it rounded out very nicely and made a good thought provoking point of how we let fear stop us from fully exploring our world. God bless and keep writing!!
Hmmmmm...I can definitely tell that you're used to writing children's books. There's a definite repeat of the consistent subject and verb so you can get it stuck in people's head who's talking here. And at the end of the story, you make it clear who REALLY should be talkin'. Good jorb!