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Love it! Superb job of keeping the POV a surprise till the end, and it made me grin when it became clear. Great job putting the reader in the middle of the scene with your descriptions of the surroundings and the actions. Excellent entry!!
Wow, this is excellent. Great use of dialogue and an enjoyable, smooth read. Well done.
Excellent. I remember reading a novel called Fluke when I was younger. It was about a man's mind trapped in a dog's body. This reminded me of that.

Very good!

Should be top ten for sure!

May God bless.

Dan Blankenship
Great job! I didn't get it right away and had to read it again...which was definitely not a bad thing :)
Good job! I really liked this story. Good depiction of waiting for the unknown!
Good work! I knew the MC was a dog from the first paragraph, but that's probably only because I read so many "Dog POV" books as a kid.

Two paws up!