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I like the title and your visual. Comparing the cell phone to an umbilical cord is spot on.

Your article seemed to wander around. Some rearranging and removal of unnecessary words will make this piece great.

Love the comparison.

I was attracted to your title and thoroughly enjoyed your piece. As a mom, I can completely relate. It is a daily task to release these children of ours into His keeping! Great writing!
As a mother, I can really relate to this. Now that they are grown and scattered across the country, I feel it even more if I can't reach them. Thank you for reminding me that God knows exactly where they are.
I really enjoyed this. You told the story in an engaging manner, and ended with a wonderful truth.
Your clever title drew me to your story, and I'm glad I read it. I like conversational voice - it's like listening to a friend. The scripture is perfect for the devotion, and with it, the tone noticeably changes from frustrated to peaceful. Great job!!
Altho' cell phones didn't enter my family's life until the last child was out of the house, I'm still working on not needing to know where they are at all times. I think I will always WANT to know but I don't need to know anymore. And they all have cells now, even the one that said, "Never!" Enjoyed your article immensely. Thank you for your most encouraging words on my first challenge entry. The best reward I could hope for!
Debra, I'm so glad you wrote this and I got to read it. Right now I've been wondering why neither of my children has responded to my texts, but they do have lives of their own. Yep, I just need to let go of the umbilicall (love the spelling :) cord and let God have them! Thanks and please keep writing!