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I think Rugger is spoiled, but I'll take your word for it. I like the line, "it took 4 hotdogs". That's how I clip my dog, too.
cute story
This story flowed really well! But when you reached the dialogue at the end, it got abit jumpy--could be the switch. THe lines were wonderful but perhaps the tags after them could be reworked some. Just a thought but up to that-- it was terrific!!! You are a good writer and I bet you move up quickly!!
Not spoiled? HAHA! I enjoyed the article. We had to have our dog shorn, too. Looked real strange - almost naked. Thanks for sharing.
Delightful story. And, no pet owner ever SPOILS their pet - they just COME to us that way. :)
You use great description in your writing.
ROFL! You had me chuckling throughout with your wry tone. I, too, suspect you may not remain in Level 1 for long.
Thoroughly enjoyable read. Thanks
Congratulations on your win! Cute story and cute dog...and obviously not spoiled in the least. :-)
Great stuff overall! There were some errors of grammar and punctuation, but the overall "feel" of the story was so great that it was easy to overlook them. I love the owner's attitude of denial about spoiling the dog, and the "Q-Tip with legs," and the "More dog on the floor than on the dog." Great visuals.
Congratulations on placing 24th overall with this entry, Don!