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I think a bit of polishing would have made this entry shine. The intro paragraph was dramatic but read as if the reader had more information than was given.

Our God certainly is the God of second chances isn't He? He works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Regardless of how God chose to do it, I praise Him he provided healing for you and your mom.
What a hard way to reconcile things with your mother, but I'm glad things are better.
The first line was a strange beginning. I suggest starting with the action instead of an explanation.
Good use of dialogue. Keep writing.
That's an amazing miracle God gave you and your mom! I pray your relationship continues to grow closer and the hurts from the past continue to be healed.
Praise God for healing. Bold and transparent, this took guts to put on paper. Great job.
What a wonderful example of God closing a door, then opening a window. I pray that she has recovered physically, and that your relationship continues to bloom.
I appreciate your transparency in sharing your life and your relationship with your mother. I am so glad that God has used this situation to bring you closer to her.

There were a couple places where you had "where" when it should have been "were", but that is an easy mistake to make and it's easily fixed. Correcting a few of the typos would make this great piece even better.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It really blessed me and reminded me that God always works things out for our good. :)