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A bittersweet story! So sad to see what happened leading up to the events that landed her in the nursing home, but happy to see that she did tell her family she loved them and was not alone when she 'left'. Thank you for sharing this! ^_^
I am emotionally stirred as I read this article. The day will come when all of us in Christ will meet with joy. Iin the meantime, take care of those around at home, and express more regularly your love for each other. God bless.
Vey sad and heart rending account. Moving. I am so sorry for your loss and can feel for you as we are facing a very similiar situation. Hugs and prayers for all of you and your loss. I'm glad for you though that your mom could share her love with you and your family. Great message of love and devotion here. God bless you.
I comment with tears in my eyes! You are so brave to share your story. I'm sorry for your loss - God bless you!
What a touching story. Thanks so much for taking the time to put it in writing and sharing it. It is a huge lesson for all of us.
What a heartwrenching account of a loved one final moments. I felt your pain and anguish. I'm thrilled that your mom got to settle her heart affairs before going home. Though it must've been difficult to share this very personal story, thank you. I hope you find yourself wrapped in His peace. Blessings!
Your story reminded me so much of my own mother's passing. You have done a fine job of sharing those last few days and hours. Yes, we need to tell those around us how much we love them and not leave it until it is too late.
A good take on the topic, well done.
Paula, welcome to the challenge. Your moving story brought tears to my eyes. Your title grabbed my attention, since I wrote a poem by the same name shortly after learning my father had terminal cancer. If you would like me to send it to you, see my profile for contact info.