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Your title was the first one to capture my attention, but the story drew me in to the end.

I felt the emotions of everyone, Momma, Daddy, Uck Mok and Marie...very good.
Yes, the title caught my eye first. I loved your use of such strong and concrete verbs. They painted such a clear, living picture. I was surprised by and then thoroughly enjoyed the dimple reflection detail.
Great writing in this story. I like that you didn't give us a "pat answer" ending and left his final decision up to the reader. The gibberish of the toddler is right on the mark, too.
This is writing that touches the very soul. I was drawn in right away. I felt the bothers fear, his sadness. I felt his love for this little sweetheart. I felt the sisters urgency and love for her brother and how much she loved her daughter to plan ahead. This to me is what writing is all about. To make us feel, to make us stop, to make us think and you did just that. Great writing.
Much talent here. Wow, what a powerful story. Your descriptions put me there with this aching pair. Can't wait to see how they grow.....
One of my absolute favorites this week! Wow!
You have the ability to draw your reader right in, and not only see what you see, but feel what you are trying to convey. I can also see possibilities for a much longer story here...

Powerful emotions in this story. Well controlled. Very nice job. :)
Great title, it really makes the reader want to know more. And the story is very compelling, with two wonderfully written characters.

I had some problems in the first few paragraphs with the pronouns--couldn't figure out who was crying for a while. Using proper names to start off with would have helped with the confusion.

A few other questions: if her parents died in an accident, when did they have time to write that letter? And how old was the little girl? If she was less than 8 months (as it seems), she wouldn't remember them, would she?

All that aside, the MC's inner conflicts were very real and handled well, with just the right touch at the end.
Loved your title! And especially the fact that one of your characters really was called "Uck Mok" Cute! I was a tad confused though, 8 months is a little...young to remember so much, isn't it? could just be me though, I liked this and I wanted to know if he'd ever decide for himself. Great job. ^_^
Congratulations on your winning entry!
Congrats on your placing! (up to leve 2 now!) ^_^ Excellent job!
Congrats on your win :) Excellent piece. The story line kept me intrigued to the end, and I like it that you left it open - more realistic. Good use of descriptive words and shifting back and forth from grief and confusion to the small joys of the moment. I love a good story that makes you think, and this one was all that. Thanx! Great Job!
A very nice heartfelt story...but I was also confused at how they could have wrote a letter, when it was an accident.
Congrats on placing 2nd!
Wow. I'm so glad this placed 2nd, otherwise I might have missed this amazing entry from you. You nearly brought me to tears with this one. What a touching story with a bitter truth mixed in. We never know how much time we have, so let us live for God and teach the precious little ones to serve Christ.

I am glad to see you moving up to intermediate. You deserved your 2nd place win! :)
Wonderful, well-written story that deserved its win!! You have a good combination of joy and sorrow in the story! I thought at first that the girl was 8 months old, but then noticed that she was two, which makes the dialogue and her remembrance of her parents believable. I also understand that the parents wrote the letter at the time they designated Jack as their daughter's guardian in case of just such an event as their accident. I, too, liked the open-ended conclusion! Well-done! :)
Congratulations on your 2nd place.

I, too, was a little confused by the timeline. I assume the parents wrote the letter "just in case" something were to ever happen to them.

You did a nice job of getting the MC's conflicted emotions across.