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Lots of interesting and unusual things here--different from many this week. Good job.
Enjoyed the voice of this especially. What a neat, "quirky" guy your dad was. This was a lovely read.
Oh my! I loved Velveeta cheese when I was a kid. Your Dad might have been a quirky guy, but he certainly loved you, and cared for other people too. A great read. Very well done.
Your father sounds like an amazing guy! Thanks for shaing your memories with us.
What a wonderful compliment to you, to have a dad so proud that he shows your pictures to strangers. Lovely story.
Oh, he was quite a character and I'm sure you miss him very much. He would surely be proud of you now!

I have one little thing I do when I write dialogue: I try it out by reading it aloud and if it doesn't sound "natural", the way I hear others speak, I know I wrote it too grammatically correct. Though we should, no one speaks in perfect grammatical sentences. I received advice to write my dialogue in a grammatically correct way, but it was too stilted to me. That's the only thing that I noticed in your beautiful story that might need some tweaking. You really captured your dad's humorous nature in this entry!
Interesting anecdotes about your father. :) Nicely done.
Beckie, I love this story about your dad. Very good job, girlfriend!