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I thought this was well written.
You have much exquisite description in this bittersweet story of commitment.

Probably over-thinking things as I often do, I had difficulty adding up the family picture. She had cared for her grandma for 15 years, a third of her life, which would make her about thirty when she started. You mentioned two girls, one of whom was in college, but I don't know many 30-year-olds with a college age daughter. Perhaps she had more children? I was trying to figure out how two girls became "some" doing this and that later on.

Never mind my confusion on less than significant details. I really enjoyed the vivid images you painted here, especially at the beginning.
I love the style of your writing.
With writing like this, I don't think you will be in beginners for long.

I too got a bit confused on the time frame of events, but that didn't detract from the story.

You illustrated the pain that one sometimes goes through, both physically and emotionally, when taking care of an ill family member. It can be sad to let them go, but it also can be sad to see them alive and unable to function normally.

Awesome writing! :)
The honest combination of love, guilt and relief so well written.

Very moving story - good job.
"Even though your arms ache, you never consider laying it down." This is such a bittersweet description of the life of the loving care-giver. What a blessing you were to your grandmother. I didn't have any trouble following your time line or character and I think this is a remarkable story of devotion and love.
excellent story - nice progression of chronology. My only suggestion would be to double space between paragraphs and speakers - it makes for easier reading :) - keep up the good work!
Absolutely awe inspiring.

This world so full of sorrow needs more patient, caring and all loving people like yourself. You truly were a blessing to your Grandmother.

God only gives us what we can handle, He knew you were a strong woman. God will surely bless you immensely.
You write beautifully. :]
Elizabeth~This was truly a masterful piece. Congratulations on your huge win!
Congratulations on a well deserved win! I was really moved by this story. Excellent.
Congrats! I, too, made EC from beginners and I will never forget the thrill of that day. Enjoy! Celebrate. this is great.
Congratulations on your EC! This is a beautiful piece.
Wow! You definetly have a gift for writing...the honest beauty of this simply shines through. Congratulations on your well deserved placement. I don't think you will be in Level One for long. Look forward to seeing more of your work - Loren
Hey girl! I tried to email you, but it didn't work. You can email me at

EC stands for Editor's Choice. Each story is scored and the 10 highest scores over all the levels make the editor choice list. The ten stories on the Editor's Choice list will be published in the book for the quarter. The books don't come out for a long time, but they are fun! You also have to move up a level when you place, so your next story will need to be submitted to Intermediate. Once you make it to advanced, you much have THREE Editor's Choice placings before moving to masters.

Have you visted the message boards? There are so many friendly people there and they are very helpful.

Let me know if I can help!

Congratulations, so well deserved. You told of the burden and the joy with truth and I admire you for that and for your skill, KEEP WRITING!
WOW - 2nd place overall from a beginner! This really is something! Very well deserved too. Your actions and attitudes towards your grandmother were so touching and tender. Congratulations!
This is amazing! Congratulations on a VERY well-deserved win. Wow.
Congratulations on this phenomenal piece gaining and Editor's Choice! Well done!
To have done all you could do, that is a beautiful way to live.

Congratulations on a wonderfully written story. I had goose bumps and tears welling up. It touched me on a personal level as I lost my grandmother recently after helping my father care for her.

Continue to write from the heart.
Very well written, and feelings I'm sure many can relate to. Your love and care came through in your writing- good job!!
Fabulous writing! I had no I idea this was a beginner level piece until I read the comments. Awesome work! Congratulations on your 1st in Beginners and your 2nd overall!!!!! :)