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Fascinating speculation!

I think I "get" the tie-in to the proverb: in the real Good Friday/Easter story, Good Friday is the dark cloud and the resurrection is the silver lining...and your alternate version is all "dark cloud". Am I right? Very subtle...
This one really started me thinking... I was a little confused at first by the story, until the "what if". Very thought provoking and very creative.
Wow.. very unsettling... what if, indeed! Excellent.
First, confusion. Then slowly, realization. Finally, WOW! This piece really makes you think. It is well written and stays with with you after the read is finished. Good job.
Whoa! Talk about a major twist here! I sure wasn't expecting that, I thought I'd read it wrong until I went back over and then picked out the few bits of clues here and there. This was good, different but good. Very creative! ^_^
I began reading this, and I thought to myself, "This isn't how the story goes." Then I got to your ending, and it all made perfect sense to me. I guess it also would have helped if I had read your title better. :)

I felt like you were demonstrating the topic by showing the disaster that it would have been, had Jesus not fulfilled his Father's will. The Silver Lining is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Very smart writing! Thank you for sharing.
A very interesting take on the topic and the 'real' story. Just an observation: with a story like this knowing your audience is a must. Only those who understand the Truth will 'get it'. You've done a great job.