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Nice devotional to your husband. I could have used a little more clarification on the "hypocrisy that permeated... for forty years." Seemed the story jumped from the history of the church's distinguished beginning in 1846 to the 2001 situation, without much info preparing your readers for the hypocrisy statement. :)
You've got a great start here, but I was a bit confused. I wanted more background; what specifically had gone wrong?

The writing is fine, and you've got something of great potential here.
This reminds me of a little church I decided to leave when my pastor was kicked out. It amazed me what some "christians" do - Thank you for sharing this. Your husband is blessed to have a wonderful Proverbs 31 wife supporting him as he shepherds the flock the Lord has assigned him to. God bless you both! :)
It is very sad to see a church go through such problems. Thank you for sharing. It would be good if you got someone to proof your work for you. There are some small errors that could be easily fixed.

I'm from Central Illinois. I'm always looking for others. Want to PM me if you are, too?
Sounds like a little church I knew where a devoted Pastor faithfully preached
repentance to the lost and discipleship to the saved, and those that had left
the fellowship months and weeks earlier because they didn't desire growning
in the Lord, returned for the meeting to participate in the pastor’s removal.

These wicked people held their own meeting without the Pastor and even lock
him out of his office.

Still there was some who left because they didn't like the fight against the
Pastor by those who kept starting trouble, loved the things they did and
didn't want to learn in the things of the Lord, returned also to try to help

This is a Well Written Dedication to your husband, the faithful shepherd of
this flock.

Like to read More from you. : )

I too, Learn from all your Comments. Thank you.

Enjoy and Keep in the Writing Lane.
God bless, Helen
These wicked people held their own meeting without the Pastor and even locked
him out of his office.
This is a good story. However, the ending seemed abrupt. I would have liked to read how this meeting ended. A very good beginning here, just a little added information would make it better.
I guess 750 words limited you in what you wanted to say but I felt the pain of a faithful pastor was well expressed here.
I really liked your descriptions of the 1800's farming community in rural Illinois. It's sad when situations like you describe happen. It's great to know who "vengeance" belongs to. Thanks for writing this piece of history.
This was good. There is a lot of food for thought here and I wanted to know a little more about what happened. Nice work. ^_^