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I really enjoyed reading your poem. Thank you for sharing you are an inspiriation. Great writing keep up the good work.
Very good advice!

A few hiccups in the meter of this piece...and I'd suggest that you experiment with a different rhyme scheme: perhaps ABAB, which is less "predictable" for your readers. Something to think about...

I really like your last stanza.
I like your title and message.
The challenge to honing rhyming poetry is meter. While there are many different patterns of meter, one important thing within a given poem is consistency, not just of the number of syllables in the lines, but of the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. I've even been known to resort to a thesaurus when the right number of syllable word would not come to mind.
A poem!
What a great message it holds.
This should be "Too quick to judge." hopefully it was just a typo.
I loved your thoughts and choice of words.
Great writing.
Good poem with a good message. I am no expert on poems, so I won't try to critique this one, but I did enjoy the message a lot.
Nice piece. Good advice. :)
Great work on this! Your beginning just flows. I love this, "It seems God spoke to me today About letting pride get in the way To quick to judge and sometimes hate And Heaven forbid: retaliate. Sometimes we let emotions guide And common sense they over-ride." Your ending is a great lesson (the one promised with your title). Keep writing!!
Great job! I was tapping my toe to the lesson!
Very nice! Your title is great and I loved the tie in with the last two lines of the last verse. Nice work! ^_^
Great poem and oh so true. I love poetry and admire those who can write it. I love this.
Very good advice in poetic form.
Great effort, enjoyed your message and poem. Keep up the good work. God bless.