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I really loved reading this compelling story of loss and after grieving came living and laughter! You have written a heartrending story with the flare of hope.
Well written, great job!
Wow! Great Descriptions! You did a great job of showing the emotions of the speaker and her love for her horse.
I don't ride horses, but I could feel the close friendship.
Great writing.
Touching story, very well written. Last 2 lines very effective. :)
You have a lot of talent! I can see you getting out of beginners and moving on up fast. I have one suggestion. Although you had some descriptions that were nice and a bit of dialogue or thoughts from the MC, your story mostly was "telling" instead of "showing". Think about going back and finding places you can paint us a picture or an image instead of telling the facts. Also, more dialogue between the MC and the horse or even include some dialogue from mom when she gave her the horse for her birthday would be a way of "showing".
Other than that, you have a well written story with great grammar, punctuation and some compelling sentences. Also right on topic!
A great first entry! The only suggestion I would have--besides those you've already received--would be to read through Deb's clarification on the topic which she posts in the forums. One thing she mentioned specifically this time was that "spilt milk" implied something trivial. (See page 2 about halfway down...

Welcome to the challenges. I look forward to reading more of your entries!
Excellent first entry! Take to heart some of these comments others have made and you'll be out of beginner's in no time!
great job, you are giving us beginners some great competition. I wanted to read more and more.. did she win? and who is he, the one who signed her up for the competition?
Wow-great first entry! I only have one suggestion and it's the same one Leigh gave you-a bit more show (dialogue is great for that). Otherwise, you've nailed the topic and your writing is clear and descriptive.
First time entry? Great job Tracy. Wouldn't consider moving up to Level 2 would you? Give us other Beginners a fighting chance? Yep, the only thing that would have sweetened it would have been a bit more dialogue. This is great though, you have masses of talent!
You have a gift. Great job. A run-on sentence or two, but otherwise, near perfect. Definitely stay near the boards. it has helped me so much. Can't WAIT to read more of your creative pieces moving forward. :)
Congratulations on a great beginning to the Challenge.
Congratulations on the Highly Commended.

Awesome story! Very deserving of the rank that it received this week.