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I really enjoyed the concept of the story, as well as the creativity of it. However, the grammar was distracting. Making sure punctuation and sentence structure is correct will ensure a smooth, easy read for your audience. It will help make such a creative work a very enjoyable experience.
This is very, very good. Very creative. I'm thinking it's an anti-proverb, though. You are showing how, just because you may hang out or look like others, you aren't necessarily like them. I hope I'm wrong because if it is, it will hurt your ratings. Even so, it's great writing. Just a few mistakes that can be easily fixed. I really liked this one!
I love fictional tales like this. I too felt like it was an anti-proverb, but I appreciate the message that it conveys. Keep writing!
Good writing here! Pay more attention to grammar and punctuation rules. I also think it's anti-topic, but it's still a good story! Keep writing!
I really liked the descriptions you used. I saw each scene very clearly in my mind. Great story.
Goody! A old fashioned hero. Yes, I get the tie-in with the topic. The girl is convinced her rescuer is no different to the other lepers. He is always with them, he wears the same rags as they, lives the same way, therefore his attitudes must be the same. Just a couple of things to watch grammar-wise, but such a good story.