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Very interesting allegory! It's quite visual; I could readily picture this setting and the Artificer doing his work.

I enjoyed this creative piece.
Just my opinion, but I think that "Artificer" would have made a good title. When I first read the title, I was sure it would be a really dry article, but am glad I took a look anyway.
Really good - a lot of thought and effort went into this and it shows. "Its" shouldn't have and apostrophe, btw. Why did I keep seeing myself in this piece? Wait, don't answer that. :) Great job!
A sci-fi allegory!
I "enjoyed" the descritions of the cleaning process. You definitely showed the love and forgiveness of the Creator.
Very well done.
Masterful writing: As I read it, I kept thinking about another allegory in the Bible--The Potter. It's interesting that the word 'manikin' is almost like the word 'mankind'!
This was a very interesting read! Good job!
I really, really liked this piece! One of my favorites this week! It was very down to earth and easy to relate to the things, such as whittling the way to the core and the hidden beauty-and life that was hidden within. I liked the comparisons with a battered outside, but a good inside and a great outside, but a bad inside. Sounds familiar. ^_^ Great writing!
Very inventive! I enjoyed your descriptive language and the tenderness of the Artificer when he uncovered the tiny core. Great writing.
A wonderfully laid-out and described allegory. Excellent.
I enjoyed very much your uniquely creative allegory.
Great use of allegory and imaginaiton to show this week's topic.
Wonderfully creative and well-crafted story. I like the small particle of life left in the neglected manikin. So many comparisons to our own frail way of caring for our spirits and you put it all into a unique package, too.
Very creative and interesting illustration of the topic. You're written this allegory well. Thanks.
Congratulations, James, on placing sixth in level 1 and 40th overall. Great work!