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your comments though very true are unfortunately very negative and do not offer a solution maybe you could remember the old song of the forties and accentuate the positive, God is still alive and well on planet earth.
I can't disagree with what you've said, but I'd sure like to have seen a balance--many, many churches in America are not like this picture that you have painted here.

It'd be great if you'd separate your paragraphs with a line of blank space, to make it easier to read.

Keep your passion, and keep writing!
Just my opinion, but I think it would be more accurate if you would have said "some" churches are this way. I live in America and my church is nothing like what you describe.

Your writing shows great passion and alot of potential. Keep writing for Him!
Interesting thoughts. You mentioned that the early church didn't have our problems. No... they were persectued and martyred for following Christ.
Good message to wake up believers.