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A creative look at the way the spiritual world both attacks (demons) and encourages (angels). Good job.
Your storyline is very good. A great message and reminder.

The large amount of dialogue had me a little confused. You might want to try a few more descriptive tag lines to set the story. (For instance, I'm still not sure what the big fight was about. Was it over the woman who hadn't been to church in a while?) I left the story a bit confused.

You write very well. The dialogue between the demons seemed realistic, and the story is good for this topic. Keep writing.
This is an interesting point of view. I was confused when the focus shifted to the meeting. A transition sentence would have helped. There were a lot of characters to follow. Perhaps just focusing on one demon and one Christian would have been better.
I like the way you showed support through prayer.
I like the way you showed spiritual forces at war behind the scenes for truly our battle is not of flesh and blood but against wicked spirits in high places. Just a little tweaking as per some of the above comments will make this article shine.

I did note a couple of small errors - risen instead of raised and rebound where it should be rebounded. But these were minor and easy to fix.

Keep writing - you have talent and a great imagination.
You have a great imagination! I agree with the other comments that the dialogue, though very good, needs just a few more tags to let me know which demon, angel, or human is speaking. Once I know who is saying what, this story will flow with a great impact at the end. It IS very good-just needs a bit of work to separate who is speaking, that's all. Creatively, it's wonderful!
Hey, I really like this. You have woven quite a story! It's in the style of Frank Peretti. This is a great reminder of the spiritual battles going on. Your title is perfect. Don't be discouraged, this is good.
You had me on the edge of my seat throughout. Wonderful character development. I also caught some minor errors, but nothing difficult to fix. Enjoyed this VERY much.
Very nice portrayal of spiritual warfare. As a few others have said, I see a few minor errors, but it doesn't detract from this very entertaining read. Well done.
I agree, you did a very good job describing spiritual warfare. Great imagination and great writing!