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I had to read this several times before I got it (I think). It was the POV shift at the end that confused me, and also several switches from present to past tense. It's a great idea, and your descriptions of the revival service were lovely. Just a bit of clarification needed, I think.
Your descriptions of the revival are so vivid and wonderfully done. I'm not sure I understand what happened in the end, but this story kept my interest for sure. Keep writing!
A wonderful description of the revival service, but I agree that the ending was a bit confusing. Keep writing; you have a gift for description!
Wonderful description of the revivals. It made me remember the ones I would go to with my grandfather(an old time preacher), when I stayed with him in the summer. The ending did not confuse me. I almost expected it. Some grammatical corrections needed, but overall a wonderful story. Keep up the good work!!!