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Gut-wrenching situation. There is at least a peace at death when one is a Christian. You could leave out the sentence in the beginning about not telling the husband. It makes it confusing. Why haven't you told him? Is he an estranged husband? You haven't told him of your son's death or that you will eulogize him?

Watch too many metaphors in one sentence also: "I am one-step away from rolling up like a pill bug and crawling into a dark corner, wanting to rot away like a fallen leaf." Stick with the bug or the leaf, not both.

No one should ever have to bury a child. I am amazed at the courage and resolve of this character.
This is a very bold and powerful piece. Thank you for sharing a heartbreaking time and showing the hope in Jesus.

I would suggest that the part which is the eulogy the MC is writing be in italics. It was a hard ot know when the MC was thinking, when it was her written words, etc. If you don't know how to insert italics, check the message boards for instructions. This would have helped make your wonderful, powerful message more clear.
What a incredibly hard piece to write...a eulogy for your son. This is heartbreaking yet uplifting at the same time. Your writing is very good. If this is true, thank you for sharing this story.