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What a touching and tender story of grief and comfort! The little girl's fear is very understandable, and I love the words her Father in heaven spoke while she sat on His lap.

One suggestion I have is that you space between paragraphs to make your piece easier to read.

I really liked your ending with its message of God's love and care for even the littlest ones! Good job! :)
Kleenex! Where is my Kleenex box? Between reading this and listening to Robert Pierre in my ear I am about to drown! (On Faith Alone I Stand is my favorite song by this singer) Any who! Great writing, very good job painting your story for the reader.

Well done!
Oh! Such a gem! I have to confess it.. It made me cry... It captured my heart... tnx for sharing! Great piece!
What a beautiful story. This would make a wonderful children's book. Even the title drew me in.
I loved the way this was written and the message it sends. I especially liked the way the trust in the Heavenly Father was established at such a young age, allowing the child to grow in faith and confidence. It shows God truly cares. I agree that the spacing between paragraps would make it easier to read.
Great Job!
You drew me in with your description of the pain the little girl felt. This MUST have been adapted from a real life experience. LOL
Excellent, keep me posted when you write more!
Oh! Words fail me. You captured my heart as well. Thank you for this. It's a poignant reminder that we all need to crawl up into our Father's lap.
Beautiful story. Very inspirational. I loved your title. Great take on the topic. Nice work!