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Your poem is very good, and it shows the topic 'fearful' well. Thank you for sharing the fear and the rejoicing through our Friend that is with us through it all. God bless.
This is really good. And don't worry. We all make mistakes sometimes. I don't think I've had an entry YET without at least one mistake.

The rhythm didn't seem to fit in a couple of places.

Overall, this was really good, and fit the topic well. Great job.
I am rejoicing with you! Nicely written! God Bless
Hello fellow Illinoian! Great poem. So many are faced with cancer. You captured it well.
Hi: Through your carefully chosen words, you showed us the fear such a diagnosis raises in one's heart. We rejoice in the end results. Good work...
Yes, fear is probably the number one response to a cancer diagnosis. You really captured the feelings of someone who is newly diagnosed. I especially liked the stanzas in which you say you can longer sing happy songs. So true! It takes time to view anything from a "happy" perspective again. Good job with this poem!
Great poem. You are not alone in the mispelled word club. I search and search and always seem to miss at least one. Good message in your poem and it had a nice rhythm.
I love the poem. God is good and greatly to be praised.
Wonderful to have such a friend.
I love your poem and I feel you did an awesome job describing the fear that cancer brings. Keep writing!