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You did a good job with this topic. Romantic love can be very confusing and doubly so when two people don't share the same goals, or race, or religion, or whatever. For this reason we really need to have a close relationship with God and ask His help in sorting out the problems. I think you handled this well.
Oh, I really want to know how this one is resolved! But good for you for leaving the ending open...that's the way you've got to do it, with the word limit.

In your first paragraph, you have several cliches:

the man of her dreams...every thing she had ever dreamed of... Her heart skipped a beat...

You want to avoid phrases like that, especially in an opening paragraph. There are so many wonderful ways to describe young love!

Good plotting here--every good story has conflict, and you handled it very well.

This has a very good beginning. I would like to see how the story really ends.