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yeah, kinda makes we guys twitch in our chairs to read this. thank you.
This is written with such humour; it takes away from your meanness and selfishness, but you were ashamed and did help. I think God sent you to help that poor woman so you could have changed your attitude.
Matthew, I loved this entry when I first saw it come through. I was quite impressed by the humor and honesty in it. There was only one problem - and that was the word count. I checked it about three times to make absolutely certain, but at 773 words, it was 23 over the 750 word limit. I'm so sorry - we had to disqualify it for fairness sake to everyone else. There is a little grace allowance we add on to the limits, but it's not that much. So although it was disappointing (I was for your sake as well) please don't be discouraged. I hope you'll enter again. Just keep the limits in mind - 150 words minimum and 750 words maximum. With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Thanks for your kind words. I didn't realize I was over the limit. Believe it or not, I cut over 200 words from this to make it fit. I guess I needed to cut another 23!

Thanks for your comments. I'll try, try again! :-)