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Too cute! One day in the lifelong adventure of motherhood.
Your title caught my interest. Very good writing. I enjoyed reading it.It made me smile!
I couldn't help but laugh as I read your entry. It was enjoyable and completely unxpected, just as children themselves. Congrats on such a great read.
Wonderful voice, charming story.
Humorous piece.
Nice humor. A word of note. First person is difficult to write because of the temptation to use "I". A good rewrite and this is a winner in my book.
Very good!!
I liked your surprise ending to this eventful adventure.
Such fun! I think all moms can relate - I love the ending!
I'm still smiling. It's been awhile, but I remember those days. Nicely done.

The wit is perfect! And it's just sooo good!

GREAT job! Wow!
LOL! This is simply too funny! I was chuckling all the way through. I can see this whole story devloping into a mystery novel with the mom as a secret agent. Great writing here! I love your style. ^_^
Thoroughly well-written and fun story! I loved your descriptions, and the ending was cute! GREAT JOB!! :)
Love it, I look forward to the priviledge of reading more of your fantastic writing!
Great job! I LOVE your voice. This is so creative and unique. The suspense builds throughout. Congratulations on your #1 EC win! Marvelous writing! And so fun!
LOL, this one is such a cute story. Congratulations on first!
What in the world are you doing in Beginners? This was fnatastic! Congratulations on your level and EC 1st place win! Wow!
That was so creative, so fresh, so funny! Great job and congrats on your win!
Wow - very impressive win! Very good writing - a bit too much on the details side for my sensitivities. It's all Too believable - and I don't want to think about it. (shudder) Congrats!
CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved win! I'm not surprised! :)
Very funny - a well-deservved win. Congratulations.
Congratulations -- you did the almost impossible by winning as a beginner :) but you really deserved the win. I wa a judge, and loved every bit of this story. You thought it out detail by detail and your descriptions were hilarious.
This is sheer delight! The best part to me was to find out you were waiting (patiently, of course) for the BABYSITTER. What a hoot!
Congratulations -- and very much deserved. This is hilarious -- and quite an adventure. I loved the POV. Great job.

I'm a little delayed in commenting but I was judge for this challenge and I had to pop in and say how much I loved it! From the tampon in the eye to the surprise ending, it had me smiling. It didn't surprise me one bit that it took first place - and for a "Beginner" that was quite an accomplishment. Congrats!
This was a good read! I enjoyed your wit. The ending was great, very humorous! Congratulations!
Great story. I missed this gem the first time around. I got to it because you commented on my current entry "Christian Genetics". Your humor is real. Real is like maple syrup compared to most writers Mrs. Butterworth's version. I hope you found this comment. Sometimes it's a bear figuring out where the feedback comments are hiding. Skip over intermediate and move forward to advanced. God bless you and the four little ones, your humor will keep you sane.
I was perusing and found this and I am glad I did! How hilarious!! You did a great job keeping me on my toes. I had no clue what you would come up with next. Probably my favorite on FW so far!
Kristen~THIS WAS HILARIOUS. The tampon, the potty chair, the extra large mocha puke cup (which I have had to do with morning sickness); all were details that made a humorous story pee-a-little-in-your-pants funny! I am so glad this was linked in your interview:)