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Oh, my! Glad that was you and not me! LOL! Great poem. I laughed and cried with you and the struggle!.
This is so sweet and boy can I relate. Child number 3 was never planned for us, after almost 14 yrs but God knows best and our little daughter is the shining jewel in mommy's crown, the apple of Daddy's eye, and the little princess-buddy to her big brothers. When our darling little one turned about 8 mths we were told I was in another stage of my life very very early for my age but God is so good. we have two boys and a girl now!We are content! We are truly blessed and praise the Lord for our family and how God sees beyond our eyes.:0) Keep up the writing! Nice job.
This poem tells your story very well. Your son was truly meant to be!
A sweet point of view and a very nice story contained in a cute little poem.
I walked through it all with you. I'm tired, but I can just see the little tike. Beautiful, sweet, cute--all wrapped in one little bundle.
Wow. I hope this isn't true, you may scare a few men if it is. :) Great job, loved this.
Humorous poem. I can't wait until I am blessed with children of my own.
Congratulations on your 2nd place -- and your fourth child. :)

I really enjoyed reading this. What a great reminder that God's plan will prevail -- in spite of us.

Great job.
I loved your poem, you did very well telling your story in the form of a poem. Congratulations on 2nd place, and on your new son .... :-)
Your poem was enjoyable reading and touched on some very real and important points of life. My Mom cried when she found out she was expecting me (after she and Dad thought their family was complete, 2 boys, 1 girl) but we were actually very close, always. God bless.
I love your poem, it was as if you were writing about my life. Only I had four children and after the fourh, I had my tubes tied and five years later I had a little girl, we called her Tabitha Eden and she is indeed a joy. You deserved this win. Well done poem.
WOW! So did your husband know...if it was his or anyting? Two vasectomies - yikes! LOL

I know one girl whose husband had a vasectomy and she got pregnant with twins. They went from "three is our limit" to practically the Brady Bunch - just like that. Yowza!

You definitely should check out Debbie DiGiovanni's, "Tight Squeeze." I'm sure you'd be able to relate to the main character. All too well.
Thanks for sharing! Congrats on your level placing. This was great. :-)
Except for the 2 vasectomies (yikes) this is the story of several of my friends (and my parents). And they all love their "bonus" babies. Speaking as a "bonus" myself - you really do feel surrounded by lots of love with older sibs. Your baby will also feel blessed in your home.
Kristen, loved this poem! Thanks for leading me here tonight for a great read!