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Though perhaps not stylistic or trendy, I feel your article answered the challenge to write in the science fiction genre.

First of all our Creator is scientist extraordinaire; Heaven is futuristic (for us) and fictional because none of us really know what it will be like.

Excellent writing!!

I like the whole concept here of how we will live in the present in heaven. Some very well-written lines within this entry.

However, even though I know you were trying to get across the idea of present tense speaking, it jarred me a little to hear Jesus speak in chopped English, almost like an English-As-Second-Language speaker. You did use a present tense verb earlier for Jesus' speech "I AM here," so it seems that your last lines wouldn't have dented your present tense idea if you had your characters say "You ARE my friend." and "I love TO walk..." instead of the very abbreviated speech.

Thursday will tell whether the judges thought this was science fiction, but I liked it anyway. :o) Kudos to you!
Wow! I missed a good one! It's flowing and certainly not what I expected from this genre. Very encouraging and beautiful, and descritpive.