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I'm sure your Mom appreciates this tribute you've written to her. Did you check the preview mode before you submitted? It seems like you had paragraphs but after you pasted it in they were lost... happens to mine every time. Then you have to re-do them after they're pasted. Thanks for sharing.
A sad story with a lot of truth in it. The verb plurals/tenses need attention, but otherwise it is a good story.
Cool story.
Thanks for sharing this story - I assume it's true? Love the unsolved mystery of the roses, AND the solved mystery of love.
I have realized that true love, that is God's love, is so deep that He loves us even when we don't love Him. As a Christian we should also strive to love others like this.
We are called to love even the unlovable. It is hard to do sometimes but love should be greater than just loving people who love us.
Matthew 5:46 - "For if you love those who love you , what reward have you?"