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What a chilling story. I took a guess at the ending early on, but it held my attention all the way through. I loved the descriptions. They sent shivers down my spine. It also makes you stop and think about the longterm impact of daily decisions.
A sad reminder that if our soul has not been given to God it has been given to Satan. Good job.
Wow! Very eerie, indeed! Your title caught my attention, and your story kept it! Good message and great description! I would suggest spacing between sections of your story for easier reading, though! Nice job!
Great job with this chilling tale. Your descriptions are awesome - this is one of my faves: "his smile a languid line of pleasure across his unwrinkled face". I usually don't like open endings, but I liked this one. I can guess what's going to happen to him next. [shiver]
Amazingly vivid description. This read like it was from Masters. You have an absolute gift for this genre.
You touched my senses on so many levels, you are very talented writer - keep writing for Him!!
Oooo! Very mysterious! Love the ending, you did a great job with the suspense and keeping me engaged all the way through. Very vivid writing! (a few more spaces will make for easier reading next time ^_^) Thanks for sharing!
Wow. That was just amazing. At first it was tough to keep the "he"s and "him"s straight without a name here and there but after reading it, I wouldn't change a thing. It was EXTREMLY well done. Write more please!