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What an amazing story idea! Very nicely written. That is exactly how heaven is when I imagine it, music everywhere!
Wonderful memorial piece. Love the way it has been put together here. Good job.
Creative piece. Enjoyed the descriptions and the communing back and forth. Keep writing!
Very, very nice and heartwarming. I love the way the scene goes back and forth from heaven to earth. Nice job!
Great title, and really powerful story! Top notch!
What a lovely piece that brought tears to my eyes! I had sung "For Those Tears I Died" as special music at church several years ago, so I was able to sing along with the three sisters in your story in honor of my mom who passed away nearly three years ago. You did a good job of writing! :)
Very creative and beautiful! I loved this story from both perspectives - and I ADORE that the main part came from heaven!
I was mesmerized from beginning to end reading this wonderful story. The mother has such an endearing voice, and I could feel her joy in describing the beauty of heaven. I loved this shift back to the mother POV: “Chuck, listen. Our daughters are singing. They sound like angels.” Very creative format and very well done.
You have to love an entry from heaven that encourages the eating of chocolate every day! I loved the POV and the sentiment shared here. This doesn't seem like beginner material to me, best wishes to you--keep writing, I see great things ahead as you continue.
This is touching, and you obviously poured yourself into the telling of it. Thanks for sharing.
I loved the POV in this story. Hope writing it brought some healing for you.