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Totally, 100%, absolutely believeable - unfortunately. I am happy to see that ladies can do some dumb things at times to keep up with us guys.
An enjoyable read and flowed well. God bless and keep writing.
Cute story. Would have liked to hear more about their adventures while shopping if word count would allow it. Great piece and good writing.
This sounds like a hoot! I could see the ladies in their travels and enjoyed reading about them. Good job
What fun! I would have loved to have them come into the store I worked overnights and stand by the pallets waiting for the official time of sale. You did the action of the story well.
Great title! The action progressed well in this story--really didn't read like a "beginners."
Hee hee. I actually snorted at the last line. Great job!!! (Oh, yah, and this is exactly why I don't shop on the biggest shopping day of the year.) :)
So much fun! (the story and the read!)Sounded SO realistic and believable. I absolutely enjoyed this.
Reallity sets in! Great story!
Funny indeed! ROFL, this is absolutely hilarious. I was was with you all the way in the shopping stampede and getting swallowed by the crowd for free bags. I noticed a few places that could be tightened by omitting extra words, like in the second to last paragraphy, where it's "Still wearing thier" We already know who's wearing the hat-so you can take the their out of there. ^_^ I thought it was all pretty good though.