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I loved this story! I could completely identify with Stephanie, as I too hated arts and crafts in school as well as p.e., was horrible at both, and always got picked last for teams. I could feel her dread!

Wonderfully realistic dialogue--I also enjoyed the mother's quirky "wake-up" song--it's the sort of thing my husband might do to wake up our daughters. Great job!
Good story and well written. It's always good to have a little self pride. This teacher was great in bringing it out.
Good for Stephanie's teacher! How wonderful that this girl is learning her unique worth and yay to the teacher who helped her discover it. Nice job
Nicely done--you have conflict and resolution, the essential elements of a good short story.

E-mail me if you'd like some suggestions on enhancing your dialog.

My heart went out to this little girl--you wrote her well.
Aww...this is very sweet. I had a lot of compassion for the little girl. Well done.
I enjoyed reading this well-written story! I, too, could identify with Stephanie in several areas, and I applaud her wise teacher!
I was wondering what could cause such dread!! The teacher was wonderful, I'm so glad Stephanie learned this lesson young!
I love how you carried the "tick tock" through the story. Very effective. I could definitely feel for Stephanie. A good read!
Boy I remember the days, those art days seemed impossible. You captured her well. Nicely done.