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I loved this story! Beautifully vivid descriptions, realistic dialogue, and convincing characters. I could see and hear the father and son with their sharply contrasting worldviews and personalities--they both came alive for me!

So did the unusual narrator--even this stick of wood became a "real" character for me. I once wrote about a block of wood from its own point of view and remember that assignment being a lot of fun!

Great message, too. Teffific job!
Interesting title and loved the POV! I enjoyed this charming story. Good work
Really liked this. And, yes, the little piece of wood had a wonderful character. Good work.
I was captivated and enchanted. I sooooo loved this story! What a great job of writing and story telling and I loved the symbolism's. Wow! This is a gem!
Wonderful piece of writing. I enjoyed it all through. Whether you win or not, you are too good for the first level.
Stunning and beautiful!! I agree - definitely a gem!
Okay, Master masquarading as a Beginner! Such a unique idea and fresh perspective! This one was a winner, from the unique point of view to the thoughts so well expressed. Nice ending, walking out to the light. You have great talent! Keep using it.
Breathtaking! This peice is wonderful! You have an amazing gift!
Beautiful job. Caught my interest immediately. Characters, POV and descriptive language is wonderful! Also loved the ending.
A very nice and creative personification essay. Becareful with POV, even if it is the wood speaking, it cannot see into the minds of others.
Smile, smile and smile again - all for what Luke did, for what the piece of wood became and last, but certainly not least, for the sharing of your wonderful gift for story telling! This has got to place!
Wonderful! I really liked your analogy.
Great job - beginning to end -
well done
Very creative, and well written, too. I liked it very much.
This was very well done. You won't be in beginners long!
I love this! Very creative using the candlestick's POV. I like the you-are-there atmosphere and the feelings of suspense near the end. Excellent work! ^_^
I can only think of one word, EXCELLENT! Super job. God bless.
Wow! This is original, well written, has great detail. Loved it.
Congratulations, Myrna. Keep writing like this and they'll FORCE you up to Master's. Wonderful work!
Congratulations! I knew this one was a winner. Great job.
Congratulations, Myrna! This is a wonderfully creative story. I'd love to see it as an illustrated book for children. Thank you, also, for your comment on my "Sidetracks" story. It's fun to get acquainted with you through your writing.
A beautiful story. We may all endeavor to be as Luke, but in reality we are more like that little piece of wood. It is only through the loving hands of our Creator that we are able to cast enough of His light that others my find Him.Thank you for sharing your special gift.
I love your way with words and how you bring the story to life. I was anticipating Luke's conflict with his father. This is such a beautiful piece and reminds us to be a light no matter "watt"-what,hehe. God bless your writing, your work is wonderful. Janice +-
You're right, Myrna, I can so identify with this piece. I can learn a lot from your skill and creativity. The most moving part was the difficult choice that Luke made and acted on. So well done.