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Wonderful thought. Well written.
I like the way you appealed to several senses here--I can visualize her meticulous stitches and hear her humming. Nice.

Be careful of sentence fragments. A few, for effect, are fine, but too many and it begins to read choppy.

Nice lesson, and very promising writing.
I was caught into the story right away. I wonder, though, what has happened in her life for her to be singing the hymn and connecting it with the embroidery - I wanted to know more. Well written, thank you.
Your opening paragraph was so nicely done! I agree, though, that the use of so many sentence fragments in your story made for some choppy reading that distracted a bit from the excellent message. I'd like to read more of your work!
So nice! I love thinking about that analogy when I's a very comforting one for me. I could hear her hum.
Great description and details. I was also distracted by the sentence fragments some, but this was a WONDERFUL message explained clearly.
I agree with the other comments. The message was wonderful, the title was great, and fine tuning those fragments and you're well on your way!