The Official Writing Challenge
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I'm sure most wives would be thrilled to receive a love letter from their husband! I agree that the most important person in our lives that we need to communicate with (other than God!) is our spouse. Little love notes in their lunch, on their bed pillow, in their work e-mail, on the bathroom mirror will speak volumes to their heart! Thanks for sharing this particular encouragement to write!
Although this could stand a few edits, it's just overwhelmingly REAL, and was a great pleasure to read.
What a gem!
Another great one, pal! What would I do without you to make my day?! I laughed aloud at the socks in the microwave...and then smiled throughout as you "told it like it is" about your bride. Don't stop writing, my friend, "Orders from Headquarters!"...I'd have nothing to look forward to. Kudos - along with a Semper Fi, my USMC buddy.
I love this! I hope somebody snaps you up to write a weekly/monthly column for a newspaper/magazine. You have such a down-home conversational tone to your writing, and WHAT you write really hits home. Not just you fellows need to tear yourselves away from the computer to focus on the love of your life. We gals can be just as guilty, so caught up in all the details of life that we miss the heart of it. Thanks for this beautiful chastisement. I think I shall email it to my husband, for starters :) Into my "favorites" you go.