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Great story, made me wish there was more..
I love stories that show us that when we feel dispair and that there is no way - that if we go to God - He will indeed show us a way.

Your story brought this out for me and I sincerely appreicated its message - and your writing!
I have to agree with another of the comments. This short story left me wanting more. (A good thing.)

You did a good job developing Sarah's character in a few sentences.
Great job establishing a setting in this sweet story.
Good character development, and nice resolution of the problem at hand. I liked it a lot, and want to know more about Sarah!
A very sweet story and I was glad that Sarah found a way for her cooking to continue. Nice work!
I also loved how you set the scene in this, and your wonderful writing, especially of her inner thoughts. Great job!
Good developing of character - nice details throughout.:)
This is just plain, good, writing! RE: "and traveled there by train" you might have said "here" instead of "there" since he is coming to town, where your MC is. I loved this story, and the encouragement and comfort she received. Great job!!!
Such a heartwarming story. Thank you.